Watch out - Zack is about! Want to get attacked by the wit and wisdom of Zack? Then hang around and see!

Momma Zac’s Momma Day!

Mini Zac he sorted out now it’s the turn of mamma Zac

It’s Mother’s Day soon and I been looking out for perfect piece of jewellery from my mom. I sort of know what she wants because we’ve got very similar ideas when it comes to beauty. After all, she made me so we more or less the same!

Amber is what I’m going to get and she said in the past that she loves the staff although, to be honest, I don’t really know much about it but if mamma Zac wants it, Mama Zac will get it.

The more I see about it, the more I like it. It’s actually fossilised tree sap that is millions of years old and completely natural. Inside the gemstone you can see little bubble like things which are called inclusions and our different for every single piece of Amber; though to pieces like and completely unique.

Mama Zac loves the idea of having the only piece of Amber jewellery just like that in the whole wide world. In that way is just like me!

I don’t live far from Mama so I’ve had Amber zone giftwrap it and posted directly to me so I can take it around on Sunday in give it to in person that way she can have two beautiful surprises at the same time!

I’m sure all come out the best for its, she will no doubt be making a lovely big roast dinner as she knows is my favourite. I will be the perfect son and wash up the dishes afterwards so it doesn’t ruin her fingernails.

All the best you lot, and I hope you have as good a Mother’s Day as Mama Zac and I are going to have.

What For Mini Zack’s?

When you’re Zack you may sometimes ask yourself what you can give to the world.  Sure, just having a Zack in the world is enough - the whole planet is brighter for it.

But Zack is a giving sort of character and what better to give than some more of Zack?

With this in mind…a mini Zack has to be to the benefit of humanity so if there was a child then it has got to be good.

And not just any child, of course, because of where he or she came from.  Can you imagine what junior’s genes are going to be like?  It’s not just winning the lottery, it’s winning the lottery winners lottery, if you can get your head around that.

Of course, to accompany my progeny I will have some extras to sparkle like my kid.  Not sure what to choose yet but it would have to be good if it’s to try and outshine my little one.  Not just any old bauble but something spectacular and superior.

Like me.

Like my baby.

Look out for us in the coming months - be awed!


Hello From Zack

Hello from Zack, and he has entered the building.  You can all settle down now because as you will all find out in the future, Zack is he that can.

Zack isn’t from this world.  You may be surprised to hear that he isn’t from Earth but as time goes by, you’ll realise that only a superior entity from a different planet could do the things that Zack can do.

Have you had a good day?  Done something you’re proud of?  That’s nothing compared to Zack.  He will eclipse everything that you can even dream of.

Arrogant?  Zack?  That implies negativity and Zack isn’t negative.  Zack is positive, baby!

Stay tuned and you will hear more from he who is Zack.

Look forward to it…